Why Instagram?

Which Social Media Platform is Right For My Business?

One question I get often is “which social media platform should I be using for my business?

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Answer: it depends. It depends on a lot of factors such as the type of business you have, what services you offer, etc.

But the most important question you should answer is “where are my customers hanging out?”

For me, that means I spend time on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. But where do I focus the most?

Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook is where I spend my advertising dollars. Facebook for businesses is now “pay to play.” It’s just a fact. Gone are the good old days when over half of your followers would see everything you post.

HOWEVER, Instagram is currently in that golden era. Now is the time to take advantage if you want to grow your following without spending a lot on ads.

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Let's look at a few facts.

  1. Your customers are on Instagram. Just this year the platform hit 1 BILLION users. And the average user spends about 53 minutes a DAY on the platform.

  2. Instagram converts. Instagram has a higher conversion rate than even Pinterest. Visitors on Instagram often go on to spend an average of $65 on products they have seen on the platform.

  3. Instagram is visual. Social media users engage much more with visual content.

  4. You can leverage user-generated content. Encourage your users to share how they are using your services or products. Customers love to see themselves in your feed and this encourages them to be a loyal customer.

My new course The Instagram Business Fast Track just launched and I’ve created it to help businesses get their Instagram in tip top shape.

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How I Batch My Social Media Using Sendible and Canva


I'm a huge fan of batching.  And social media management is the perfect example of how this this can work for you. 

If you aren’t sure what batching is, let me just tell you it is SUCH a game changer.

Think of this analogy. When you bake cookies, you don’t bake just ONE cookie right? You bake a couple of dozen.

But when you don’t batch work, that’s exactly what you are doing. Baking ONE cookie at a time. Every time you bake cookies, whether it’s 1 cookie or 100 you still have to:

  • Set out your ingredients

  • Collect your utensils, baking sheets, etc.

  • Mix ingredients

  • Bake the cookies

  • Cool the cookies

We know it doesn’t make sense to do ALL that work for one cookie.

But when we jump from one task to the next that’s exactly what we are doing.

Batch working let’s you maximize your time, get in the zone, and knock similar tasks out quickly and efficiently.

In this video, I explain what batch working is, and show you the exact tools I use for my own social media management, and my clients'!

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