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  • What Do I POST?

    • The 3 E's

    • The Power of Queues

    • Holidays & Special Events

    • User-Generated Content

    • Batch Working and Building Your Content Library

  • How Often Should I Post?

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Yesterday you gave your Instagram Bio some love.  You learned that you have one shot to make a great first impression when a potential client visits your home page.  

Today we are going to talk about HOW to get them to visit that great home page.  And if I've said it once, I've said it 1,000 times in my own business: "Content is King (or Queen in my case)."

"But Lori, I don't know what to post.  I'm blocked.  Stumped.  I have noooo ideas." 

It's OK friend, I've got your back.

Today I'm going to show you all of my own tips and tricks that I not only use for my own social media, but also, my clients'.

OK, let's get to work!

What Do I Post?

Think of today as a brainstorming session.  I often do what's called a "Brain Dump" when I'm planning and trying to organize my thoughts.  I've created a Social Media Planner just for you where you can brainstorm ideas with several tips to get you started (download form the Resources section at the top).

The way to get likes is to have a great post, but the way to get followers is to have a great feed.
Social Content Planner.png

Before we begin, download and print the Social Content Planner I've created for you from the resources at the top.

1. Entertain, Engage, Educate (The 3 E's)

The whole point of social media is to be... social!  When you share content, you want to have a goal of entertaining, engaging, or educating.  

This week, as you are browsing your favorite people or businesses on social media, I want you to begin thinking about what it is specifically that you like about those accounts.  Chances are, they are doing one of the Three E's.  

As you being posting, you'll start to see what content your followers are really enjoying.  In my business, I find that my followers especially love anything behind the scenes (especially video), and all of my business tips get a big response.

5 Minute Task:  

Take 5 minutes to jot down as many content ideas as you can.  Use the Social Content Planner to help you.  I've included several prompts to get you started.  No idea is bad.  Nothing is too big or too small!

Social Content Planner (1).png

2. The Power of Queues!

On the last day of the course, I’ll show you how to create and schedule all social media content. You’ll also see my favorite tools and tips to work as efficiently as possible. In light of that, I want to talk to you about one of my biggest weapons: queues.

Queues allow me to pick a few trending topics, and post about those every week.  My followers come to expect this content, and it is a tremendous help in filling in my content calendar gaps.  

Scheduling takes the pressure off having to constantly post to social media.  Let's face it.  We are super busy business owners, and I suspect we also have full lives outside of our business.  I don't know about you, but it is actually the freedom of being my own boss that propelled me to open my own business.  Don't let social media take that freedom away.  Make it a tool for your business, not a noose.

So while we will get into the logistics of using social-media schedulers on the last day, today I want  you to think of at least 2 queues that you can begin creating content around.  Currently I use 3 queues:

Monday Motivation

Business Tips Tuesday

Throwback Thursday

5 Minute Task:  

Social Content Planner (3).png

Take 5 minutes to think about your business and which queues might work well for your target audience.  On the worksheet I've given you several examples for each day of the week.  Pick at least one and jot down a few ideas.


3. HOlidays / Special Events

And of course we can't forget the obvious.  Once a month it's a good idea to sit down with a calendar and look at any important dates that are coming up for your business OR for your audience.  This includes national holidays, special sales you may be running, and of course hashtag holidays!

Don't overlook the importance of even silly days for your audience.  These are great excuses to connect with your following and let them see your personal side. 


Below is an example of a post I scheduled for August 26th, which is National Dog Day.  My followers know I'm CRAZY about my Goldendoodle Oliver, and these personal posts trend very well for my business.


National Dog Day

It's National Dog Day! For my whole life I've been an animal lover. My close friends make fun of my insane attachment to my animals on the reg. In fact, I'll let you in on a secret. If I meet someone that declares they "really don't like animals," you can be sure they are catching some major side eye from yours truly. Today we celebrate our canine companions! They love us with no strings attached. They are always happy to see us. They are always there. Cheers to you, Oliver, my floppy, furry, cuddle-buddy. You're FLUFFIN awesome :)

4. User Generated Content

Remember on Day 1 I asked you to begin thinking of a branded hashtag?  The purpose of this is so that you can encourage your followers to use your hashtag when using and posting about your products!  Customers love to feel special. Highlighting and re-posting your customers’ posts that show off that cute, trendy bag they bought from your boutique or enjoying your services is a WIN-WIN. Not only do THEY feel important, but now all THEIR followers are invited to follow you as well.


So what does this look like?  Periodically, I sit down and block out one hour to work on a queue.  Now, if I sat down and had to come up with 6-7 Motivation Monday posts on demand, that would be super stressful, and quite frankly it would be difficult to create quality content.

So what's a girl (or guy) to do?  Say you're bopping along, being super productive, checking email, and you come across something that sparks a great idea to share with your followers.  What does the ineffective, and unproductive business owner do?  Drops everything and runs to Instagram to post it.

But not you, my productivity warrior!  You know that Business Tips Tuesday work is scheduled for next week.  Instead, you capture the idea for later and move on with invoicing.

I use two tools to create my content library.  Pocket and Pinterest.

Pocket is an incredible app that you lets you save anything across the web into your own library that you can reference later.  Also, the Pocket Chrome app that is PERFECTION.

Pinterest needs no introduction but is a GREAT resource for content curation.  I have several boards that I pin great content to for use when I’m batching my posts: Quotes, Business Tips, Website Design, Motivational Ideas, etc.  The only warning I have with Pinterest is if not handled with care can become a HUGE time warp.  So proceed with caution.


Take 5 minutes to set up Pocket and/or Pinterest to begin capturing ideas for content.  See the video below to see how I use both.

How Often Do I Post?


The good news is that Instagram is really a quality over quantity machine.  Most major brands post on average 1.5 times a day.  If you're just starting out, I think 5 quality posts per week is a great goal.  Using your queues, you can easily fill that content calendar in advance, and then plug in your missing days with relevant content.


Research also shows that posting mid-day during the week is when you'll get the most engagement.  Weekend posts have a big drop in engagement.  I use weekend posts for weekly wrap-ups or maybe some personal weekend posts.


Today you learned about WHAT to post and also HOW to build a content library.  You should be working through content ideas, setting up some queues that will work for your business, and looking at the calendar.  

Don't worry.  By the end of this course I'll show you how to organize ALL of these pieces.  But today, focus on content, not logistics. 

Tomorrow, we'll be taking a look at writing captivating captions.  It's more important than you might think!

 Questions? Shoot me an email below!

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