WHEW!  It's been a week FULL of Instagram.  I hope that you have enjoyed this Instagram Business Fast Track and that you'll save this as a resource to refer back to as needed.

Today is the day that we will put everything that you have learned together so that you have an actionable process and plan to execute this knowledge.

There's not much more this girl loves than a good plan and some action steps!

OK, let's get to work!

Your Action Plan

Be sure to download your action plan that will step you through:

  • Daily Actions

  • Weekly Actions

  • Monthly Action

  • Putting Together the Optimal Post

Now you have all the tools and pieces to the puzzle that you need to create an amazing Instagram page for your business.  In the post below, I show how I use a social media management tool called Sendible, to schedule all of my queues, batch work in order to be super efficient, and more.

Analyzing Your Metrics

Before we sign off it’s very important that we talk about metrics. How do you know what’s working and what isn’t? If you upgraded to a business account, you now have access to metrics on which posts are performing best, who your audience is, when they are Instagram and more.


To access your metrics:

  1. Go to your profile page

  2. Click on the “hamburger” icon in the top right

  3. Click on “Insights”


The activity tab shows you a week view of interactions, profile visits, as well as Impressions and Reach.



The content tab will show you which posts are performing best. This is a great place to see what’s working, what’s popular, and what your audience is responding to.


Finally, the Audience tab gives you insight into who your followers are, including male/female, age groups, and geographic regions. The most important part of this tab is the Followers section. This section tells you WHEN your followers are on Instagram. These are the times and days that you want to try to schedule your posts.



I'm so glad that you joined me for this online course.  I hope you found the information useful and that you feel confident going forward with your Business plan for Instagram.  

I want to personally thank you for signing up for this course.  I put a lot of heart and hard work into sharing this information with you.  

If you have a moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the course.  What did you love?  What could I improve?



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