The Instagram Business Fast Track

The Instagram Business Fast Track is a self-paced online course that gets your business up and running on Instagram using best practices. I share the exact processes I use to manage my social media for my business and my clients.



This course is going to:

  • whip your Insta into shape,

  • educate you on the most important aspects of the "Gram" for your business,

  • and outline a plan that you can implement to grow your business on Instagram.

This course is NOT a good fit for you if:

  • you want thousands of followers in a month or

  • you care more about growing numbers instead of growing fans

And the cool part?  We'll be doing this together.  While I've had an Instagram account for a long time, I just started completely over with a business account because I wanted a fresh start and to separate my business and personal accounts (which I highly recommend and we'll talk later about why).





On day 1 we talk about why you should be on Instagram. I also help you look at the differences between a personal vs business account, how to set up your bio for optimization, and most importantly, I have a worksheet that helps you create your Biz Bio.



Today, we are going to talk about HOW to get them to visit that great home page.  And if I've said it once, I've said it 1,000 times in my own business: "Content is King (or Queen in my case)." Topics include:

  • The 3 E’s

  • The Power of Queues

  • User Generated Content

  • Batch Working

  • Building Your Content Library


Captivating Captions

Writing captions that convert is a skill that can be learned. Before I understood the importance of writing great sales copy, a lot of my marketing efforts simply fell flat. Topics Include:

  • Why Captions Matter

  • Your Brand Attributes

  • Your Brand Voice

  • Your Audience

  • Your Audience Pain Points

  • Captivating Captions

  • My Favorite Copy Formulas



As a graphic and web designer, this is a topic I love more than pumpkin pie. Instagram is a platform that conveys your businesses’ story visually. In this lesson I show you all of my tips and tricks to help you build an effortlessly beautiful Instagram feed. Topics include:

  • Business Roadblock: Perfection

  • Brand Personality Quiz

  • Brand Basics / Checklist

  • Theme

  • Photos

  • Stock Images Resources



THE BIGGEST MISTAKE I see businesses make on Instagram is in the area of hashtags. Most people do not really understand how important hashtags are in helping your audience find YOU.

This lesson dives deeper into hashtags than you ever thought possible. Topics include:

  • Hashtag Rules

  • Spammy Nonsense

  • 20-60-20

  • Geotags

  • Locations

  • Resources



Stories are fairly new to the Instagram scene. On this day I give a brief overview on how Stories can support your business and grow your following, but also this lesson reads more like a how-to manual as I walk you through building a story, and give you ideas to try.


PRICE: $59


  • 7 Self Paced Lessons

  • Daily Checklists

  • Action Items

  • Helpful Resources

  • Tips

  • Videos

  • And More…